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Kittens:  priority for people on the WAITING LIST

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Please do read our website before contacting us. Thanks. 

We do have a waiting list. We do not produce Tabby colors.

NO KITTENS AVALABLE before Summer 2019 (and only for the waiting list)


 Enjoy the reading and discovery of the breed.




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Du Laddak Doré Birman (1987-present) is a love venture for traditional Birman cats that began in Brussels/Belgium in 1986 then moved to France, in Roquebrune Cap-Martin, beside Monaco in 1991, and then back to Belgium (Rixensart) until 1997. From 2000-2005, we resumed in CT - USA for further education and then we finally moved in 2005 to San Diego, CA .

We are now located in San Diego, CAThe new lines have been imported from different pools around the world in order to constitute a sane and healthy base. We do have a waiting list (1 year - more or less, depending on the request specificity and people willingness to wait or drop from the list.) You need to contact us to be on that list after having exchanged enough information on the kitten's future living condition in your home. Kitten/Cat Request Questionnaire

Our main colors speciality for the moment are mainly traditional chocolate-point, males and females. We also produce female tortie colors (seal-tortie, chocolate-tortie, ) and male red-point. (No seal or blue-point for the moment).

We do not produce any silver/smoke patterns at all, nor any tabby/lynx pattern (tiger face) nor the new cinnamon/fawn colors.

Marvin divan-1


We are very small and only produce one litter per female per year. While beauty is important and we are trying to produce show cats,  it is not the dominant trait we are looking for. Kittens with traditional look and silky hair (versus the new Persian like generation) is what we are looking for. We spend a lot of time with our kittens to socialize them (and it is why we want to stay small. Big catteries have no time for this). Gentleness and attachment to humans is our most important trait. We do not keep aggressive cats and want to be sure they are well loved and find a family that will love them equally. We are screening people who want to have our kittens as it is not a merchandize for us. 

Our cats live with us in the house. They are not caged and are well socialized and have access to the whole house.

The Laddak is a small kingdom forced to integrate India when China became a threat after the invasion of Tibet. It is high in the Himalayan range. We visit this country at the time we created our cattery name in 1990 (Before that we were working under the name of Goforth). Read our own legend ... parallel to the classic mythic legend of the Birman.




(Jorenn du Laddak - Lilac-Point)

We are member of TICA and the CFA San Diego Cat Club

We have one big CFA exhibition at Del Mar per year

San Diego

2018: January 27-28

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