Telemaque du Manoir d'Ambre is a French Blue-Point (SBIa) boy born on May 21th, 2022 in Normandy-France. We choose him when he was born, not knowing completely how he was going to develop. He is register at the LOOF: 2022.34101. He is also register at CFA (for breeding only) and at TICA.  

His father is Sushi des Gants de Velours and his mother is Jicky du Manoir d'Ambre

Thanks to Maryvonne for entrusting us with this gorgeous boy.

Telemaque went to his first Cat Show in Belgium, at the occasion of the annual FiFe World Cat Show where he made 2nd best birman kitten in October 2022.  

He then stayed with my friend Sebastien who brought him to me by plane on November 11th, 2022. 

He is a very sweet boy, always behind you, and very gentle. 

Telemachus is the son of Odysseus (that's Ulysses to you, if you're Roman,) the Greek king of Ithaca, in Homer's tale.

"'Back with me! Telemakhos, more sweet to me than sunlight! I thought I should not see you again, ever, after you took the ship that night to Pylos- against my will, with not a word! You went for news of your dear father. Tell me now of everything you saw!'" Penelope / Homer.