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On March 11th, 2023 we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Sacred Cat of Burma (or Birman) cat in France. The special Saturday show will take place in Paris, Porte de Versailles and is organized by the FiFe and the Birrman Cat Club of France and her president Miss Janine Soumaille.

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I do hope that many breeders will be able to come to expose their cagts and celebrate together the Birman cat,
There will be a special Birman Show
We wish good luck to all the participants .
Orlando du Laddak(Red-Point Boy)
Order my book on the legend and origin of the BirmanCat

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About the book

Before 1940, the sacred Cat of Birma was the most expensive cat in the world, due to its alleged rarity and its favor with the wealthy French class. From the first mention of this feline in 1922, and although the veracity of its Burmese tale was quickly questioned, no one had succeeded in uncovering the truth about its origins. Dr Alain Lescart, scholar and breeder of Birman cats, managed to uncover significant details on this subject while revealing the behind the scenes of a now forgotten legal case which made the front page of all French newspapers of the time, and which revolved around Mme Juanita LĂ©otardi, the first breeder of Birman, and a major mythomaniac. In his work, the author follows the evolution of the legend with its inconsistencies and contradictions. He is finally interested in the difficulties encountered by the first breeders to develop the breed in the years preceding the Second World War.

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