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Du Laddak Doré Birman (1987-present) is a love venture for traditional Birman cats that began in Brussels/Belgium in 1986, then moved to France, in Roquebrune Cap-Martin, beside Monaco in 1991, and then back to Belgium (Rixensart) until 1997. From 2000-2005, we resumed breeding in CT - USA for further education, and then, we finally moved in 2005 to San Diego, CA .

We are now located in San Diego, CA. NEW WEBSITE

We have no kittens for the moment. Next litter will be around May-June 2023

The new lines have been imported from different pools around the world in order to constitute a sane and healthy base. We do have a waiting list (1 year - more or less, depending on the request specificity and people willingness to wait or drop from the list.) You need to contact me to be on that list after having exchanged enough information on the kitten's future living condition in your home. You will have to fill my questionnaire to be considered for a kitten. 


Be aware of multiple scam websites about cats sellers ! Get in personal contact with the breeder and request a video conversation before you engage any money tractation ! 

Come and celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Creation of the Birman cat in Paris, in March 2023: 

Click on the LINK: 100 Years 





 We produce mainly chocolate-point and Lilac-point, males and females. We also produce females tortie colors (chocolate-tortie, lilac-tortie) and males red-point.