The Lynx/Tabby Factor

Birman SEAL-TABBY-POINT: Code: SBI - n 21

  1. Germany:

German breeder Las Perlas-sin (1967 - today) was very central to the creation of the tabby/lynx factor for Birman. 

The work took place between 1984-86. To reach this goal. Mrs Anneli Falk used one of her Persian Chinchilla named Mount Badger Chinchin Fleur (1979) and cross her with a seal-point male Birman named Sariak Ch’en Chih Mai (05-02-1980). The result was the production of an in-between long hair shaded female cat, named Las-Perlas-Sin Ondine (03-29-1986).  This female was crossed with a blue-point Birman named Sofie’s Aristocat (03-26-1983). The spectacular product was the famous International Champion Las Perlas-sin Cepetto, a male seal-tabby-point (03-29-1986).  The color Tabby was recognized by the Fife in 1990.

Las Perlas-sin Cepetto

B. France - Switzerland:

The Seal- Silver-Point Tabby: SBI - ns 21

- In 1988 Miss Catherine Viltange (France) used a Black Silver Shaded persan that she bred with a Birman. After few years of work, she obtained in 1991 her first Birman Seal Tabby Point: First Tabby de Shweli-Sitang (from (Daphnée de Shweli-Sitang and EC. Ukar de Samsara) and in 1992 her first Seal Smoke Point Birman: Himalaya de Shweli-Sitang (European Champion in 1996 = 1st in France), from an hybrid female cat: Fleole de Shweli-Sitang and GIC Chaudron Magique de la Renouée of Hameau Kertweed.

- In the ninetieths, Mrs Geneviève Basquine (France), cattery du Moulin des Bussets, decided to work on the silver tabby color and the smoke colors derivatives.  

Mme Basquine used a Persian seal-silver-tabby named Fair Play de la Sente aux Eglantiers. She wed this sire with a female seal-point Birman named, Douchka de Habanera (carrier chocolate). From this crossing she obtained a long-hair in-between female, chocolate-silver shaded named Gipsy des Moulins de Busset. She wed this female with her seal-tabby Birman (son of Cepetto Las Perlas-Sin the first Seal-Tabby), Eros des Moulins de Busset and the combination produced the first seal-silver-tabby Birman named Helios Sun Shine des Moulins de Busset. Wedding this male cat with her female Erys des Moulins de Busset (Blue-tabby Birman), she produced the magnificent Leonidas des Moulins de Busset, a male Seal-Silver-Tabby, base of the modern Silver-Tabbies.

Leonidas de Moulins du Busset 

Frosty du Manoir d’Ambre - Chocolate-silver-tabby-point

Another breeder in Switzerland, Mme Josette Savary (Saya San cattery) did the same work in 1994. She also used a Persian chinchilla, Fantasia de Semiramis, crossed with a chocolate-point Birman, Shwechinthe Nefos (04-09-1993). The female produced was a long hair silver cat, Hadji de Saya San. She wed this female with a seal-tabby-point Birman, Bou d’Chou de la Thur and, from this union Markus de Saya San was born (04-24-1996) -chocolate carrier-, a seal-silver-tabby male and a Seal Smoke, Macadam de Saya San. 

At this time, another French cattery, Sacré Roi (Jean-Luc Odeyer), in South of France, became interested in the new “pastel” colors. After acquiring the silver lines from des Moulins de Musset et de Saya San, he decided to work on the chocolate-silver-tabby color, smoke lines and tortie-silver introducing the red gene in this pool. He created Nickel Chrome du Sacré Roi, a chocolate smoke male with his seal-point Birman, Lolita Brin d’amour du Sacré Roi. 

Mr. Odeyer is working since 2010 on the new colors: The Cinnamon and the fawn point. In order to do so, he used a British shorthair fawn point female,  Babayaga du Chêne Landry, and a female cinnamon tortie-point, Rosa Majalis. 


(2019 cinnamon birmans)

Jt’adore du Blues Daphnée and Just in Cannelle du Sacré Roi : mâle Sacré de Birmanie cinnamon point and female Sacré de Birmanie cinnamon smoke point (Sacré Roi Cattery)

In New Zeeland. the cattery of Rakesha is also working on these new colors.

  1. United Kingdom:

The English TABBY line

In the United Kingdom, British breeders worked on the tabby color at the beginning of the eightieths. While the origin of the color is not very clear, a certain long hair cat blue-tabby named Princess Polkadot (Persian Colorpoint Tabby?) was married to a Blue-Point Birman named Dubrova Beau Burma (06-28-1977). Sibir Zoe, a Blue-Tabby Birman, was the result of this mating. This one was wed to a seal-Point Birman, Sahra Sebastian and gave birth to a female blue-tabby named Lin Lin Kim. The female crossed with a seal-point Birman sire named Tamandria Thaddeus gave birth to Julipaul Tabbitha, seal-tabby Birman female. The Julipaul Cattery belongs to Mrs S. M. Stanton. This female was bred with a  blue-point Birman named Laurent Daniel (07-16-1985). The result was the famous European Champion Julipaul Tigerface (03-30-1988), a seal-tabby-point that was imported in Belgium by the Val de Gwen cattery (Mme Nemann) and gave stud service to many cats in Belgium and France, thus providing the tabby line on the continent. We saw him and used him in our cattery.


In Germany, between 2001-2005, the cattery von der Katzenfreiheit made an attempt to create a Golden-Shade-Tabby-Point. 

To reach this purpose, a Persian golden-shaded-tabby was used -Jamena di Gardino Essotico, with a Seal-Smoke Birman from the Swiss line New Generation v.d. Katezenferheit (07-14-2001). Three generations were produced. This attempt seems to have stopped there. The issue is that the golden gene is a recessive one (not like the silver) and needs to come from the two parents, which requires twice a bigger number of cats to create it. There are some doubts about the result. Following my discussion with a judge and famous Birman creator, it has been suggested that what have been created (cf. pictures down here) might only be a Brown-Tabby Birman as they seem to have only used one side with the gene.

1st Generation: Première von der Katzenfreiheit (06-01-2003)

2nd Generation: Perditha von der Katzenfreiheit. Seal-Golden Shaded (2003)

2nd Generation Golden: Rhapsody von der Katzenfreiheit (06-05-2004)

(other kitten found in pedigrees: Roxette v.c. Katzenfreiheit (SBI as 21) (Blue-SIlver))

Silver Romantic v.d. Katzenfreiheit (SBI bs 21) (Seal-SIlver)

Mother = Premiere - Father: Tilbury de Saya San

Thew last one of his line we were able to tract is: Belfleur v. Riedeufer (SBI as) 03/28/2010

(We re mentionning it also because it has been bred with cats descending from my line)

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