CH. Wilson de la Baie des Amours (BE)

Champion Wilson de la Baie des Amours is a chocolate boy from Belgium. He was bred by our good friend Becky Gamache in her cattery (Born in April 2013). His father is Flint van't Wezennest (Lilac-Point - 8/28/2006); and his mother is Belle de la Baie des Amours (Chocolate-Point). 

I had no immediate plan to buy another male, but when Becky showed me a picture of this boy and proposed it to me, I melted! I love his type and chocolate has always been my favorite color … if you have not guessed yet! Wilson is easy, adorable, human oriented and a sweet cat.

Wilson carries the dilution gene (that can create Lilac and Blue point kittens).

Wilson is now neutered and living alone in a family in Hollywood !


Wilson became Champion at the CFA San Diego Cat Show in January 2014

CHAMPION Wilson de la Baie des Amours (SBI b) Chocolate-Point




Father: FLINT van't WEZENNEST (Lilac-Point)


Mère: BELLE de la BAIE DES AMOURS (SBI b) Chocolate-Point

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