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Why do Birmans have white gloves?

Long time ago Birmans had no gloves at all. They were like siamese cats (if you've ever seen one!) and indeed, we must say, that they are close cousins. Those related cousins have their legs coated with black, blue, red, cream, chocolat, lilac striking socks. It's because in their job, they are painter you know, and are busy working with their foot in the cans of paint. Have no time for cleaning! Have no time for resting! And even if they want, they might not be able to see dirt or spotted splashes on their boots!

That's why, when came the time for Birmans to explore life, Nature decides to furbish them with two pairs of gloves! One for the legs and one for the hands!

One more detail:

Do you know that Birmans and cats in general wash their face with the back of their paws (not the palm).

Why do cats don't like water (Raphaël)

Cat's hairs get easily wet, soaking the water into the hairs. When that happen, they have no control on their temperature. So, wet cats shake like leaves on a windy automnal day, and they do not like that, because they are very cold. There's only one breed of cat who likes water and even go swimming in rivers to catch fish, and that is the Turkish Van cat. This one has a special coat (like ducks) that let the water flows on the hair. Their coat is not like a sponge, as in other cat's hairs!

One more detail:

Do you know that you can train your cat to take a bath when he/she is very young. But you need to know how to do it! and do not plunge him in the sink or bath!!!

I want to know how long you are going to keep them (the kittens) 

Bertha Garcia, CA!

Kittens need to stay with their mommy until they are well behaved enough and not in need of milk anymore. A kitten also has other important needs, like a child shouldn't be remove from his/her mother after he/she is done with the milk bottle. A child bond with his/her mother and a kitten bond with its mommy too. Now how long is that? Ten years ago, most of the breeders let kittens go when they turn 2 - 2 1/2 months. Recent researches have shown that a kitten needs to stay with its mother until he/she is 4 months. Kittens who are removed from their mother earlier have the tendency to suck blanquets or pull-over, like they did when they were drinking their mother's milk. These kittens will behave like that all their life and may be more sad dudes than the ones who have been with mom until 4 months. This is why, my kittens cannot leave my house before they reach 4 months old!

One more detail:

When you buy a kitten be sure that he has all is basic vaccinations. The kitten must be in good health and playful!

What are the largest cats? (Avigail, CA)

The largest domestic cats are the Main Coon, the Norwegian Forest Cat, and the Ragdoll.


Main Coon

Norwegian Forest


The Maine Coon is the original american cat. It is originated from Maine. The Norwegian Forest Cat is a european cat from Norway and is found in the norwegian forests. TheRagdoll was originated in California by a breeder named Ann Baker. The two first cats mentioned are outsider cats. They love to climb in trees and are very active,. The ragdoll is more an inside cat. A siamese was used in the breeding program (and a birman also probably). Their particularity is to be very gentle and being very relaxed when one carries them, like a doll. That's how they got their name: rag - doll.

One more detail:

Every single cat has its "crazy hour". It is usually on the morning and in the evening. It stays for 10-20 minutes and the cat runs like crazy all over the place... Then it returns to calm! Do not worry! This is perfectly normal behavior!

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