The Red Point

Birman RED-POINT: Code SBI - d

I. In United Kingdom: The second English creation is the Red-Point, its dilution, the cream-point and consequently, their association with pre-existing color (for females only), the seal-tortie-point and the blue-cream-point.

The first red-points were bred by Margaret Richards: Mei Hua Firefly and Mei Hua Firebird were born on 30 August 1975. The red series program was then taken over and expanded by Hilary and Ken Clarke (Hilken Cattery). They presented Hilken Red Hercules at the 1982 Cat show and Hilken Red Arrival in the 1983 Birman Show.

Hilken Red Arrival (1983)


Mrs Margaret Richards used a blue-point Birman sire named Sahra Soleil Bleu (05-07-1974) -grand-son of Ghandi von Assindia- and an in-between dame cat named Larissa who was a short hair seal-tortie. This foundation cat had for mother Mei-Hua Jocasta, a seal-point Birman and a red-tabby short hair cat named Ginger Suffolk. This combination gave birth to two red-point males: Mei-Hua Firefly & Mei-Hua firebird (05-03-1975). Unfortunately these lines went nowhere and vanished after 2 generations.


In 1978, the Clarke took over and began with a prototype cat named Ginger Suffolk in order to create another in-between short hair, red and white tabby female with white feet eloquently named Red-Dawn (06-05-1978), mother unknown. She was wed with a seal-point Birman male named Chanson Dematin. 

Champion Chanson Dematin

Red-Dawn (1978)

MALE: From this union was born a long hair male: Hilken Red Venture in 1979. He was wed with a seal-point Birman named Patrioona Fabia to give birth to a red-point female named Hilken Red Peril (10-22-1980). Using again his grand-father (Chanson), she was wed with him and gave birth to a seal-tortie female Hilken Red Desire (09-29-1981) -mother of Hilken Red Arrival- and in 1982 to a red-tabby-point male: Hilken Red Hercules (05-09-1982) (23.4% in-breeding).

Hilken Red Venture (1979)

Hilken Red hercules (1982)

FEMALE: From the crossing between Red-Dawn and Chanson Dematin came a seal-tortie Birman female named: Hilken Red Poppy (09-19-1979). Re-married with her Birman father (Chanson) she gave birth to a Seal-tortie female named Hilken Red Progress (08-24-1981).  

Hilken Red Poppy (1979)

Hilken Red Progress (1981)

Crossing the lines: Hilken Red Hercules (male red) + Hilken Red Progress (seal-tortie) = 4 babies (07-29-1983): Hilken Jason (m) - Hilken Red Gamboller (f) - Hilken Red Goddess (f) - Hilken Red  Goliath (m).

Hilken Red Goliath (1983)

1984: First exportations: 

a.From there, the Swedish became interested in the new color. The Trollehöjds cattery imported a female red-tabby: Hilken Cream Debutante (10-29-1984) and crossed this line with his seal-point male Trollehöjds Herkules from which most Swedish lines come via the Backkara’s cattery: Backkara’s Cupido (05-25-2000). 

b. In France the Chatterie de Srinagar (Mme Marie-Anne Taranger) was the first one to import red points directly from England, descendant of Hilken Red Arrival with Hilken Red Cherry of Srinagar (female seal-tortie) in 1984. Therefore there are two lines of Red-Point to our knowledge.

Trollehöjds Herkules


  1. Meanwhile, on the Continent, German breeders took on the same task and were already working around 1972-73. The Rococo Schloss cattery decided to create a strong red-point from a male cream Persian named Enrico von Assindia. They wed this male with a red-point Birman female named Julia von Rococo Schloss (unknown origin). It produced a red long hair in-between male cat named Igor von Rococo Schloss. This sire was crossed with Carina von Rococo Schloss, a seal-point Birman, to produce a foundation female seal-tortie-point Birman named Bianca von Rococo Schloss. This female was bred several times and produced different kittens. With a Seal-Point Birman, International Champion Smokeyhill Kwang Lie (08-20-1975), she produced a female seal-tortie-point named Tonia von Rococo Schloss and with a Red-Point Birman male (from the same line) named Claudius von Rococo Schloss, she produced a male red-point Birman named Jo-Jo von Rococo Schloss. The two together gave birth (1985) to Action von Rococo Schloss, a seal-tortie-point female, who was the base for red color in the Las Perlas-Sin cattery (Mrs. Anneli Falk and then her daughter Mrs. Bettina Suvi Rode) from 1986 until 1991. I had the chance to see (for the first time in this color) one of her direct first child, a spectacular mesmerizing Seal-Tortie girl, in January 1987, during the International Cat Show of Brussels organized by the Cat Club of Belgium.


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