Galiléo de l’île KohTAo (FR)

Galileo sur le divan

Galiléo is a Birman from France. He was born on August 14, 2011. He is a lilac-point male, therefore, he carries the chocolate factor gene. Thanks to the breeders. His father originated from the Netherlands and his mother from Belgium. Both parents are chocolate-point. He is a very sweet, active purring boy. He has beautiful blue-eyes and already a good size for his age. Galileo has a loving personality and requires attention. He is always behind me, purring, scratching at the door if he cannot be with me. He is also very talkative and has a unique voice to get my attention. Galileo lives with my good friend Kara, very close to my house and is neutered.

Galileo. 11 months old.

Galiléo 10 weeks old

Galiléo 3 1/2 m.o.

Galiléo - 3 1/2 months

Champion Saori Kido de la Baie des Amours (Mother

Sire: Flint van't Wezennest - Dam: Belle de la Baie des Amours

Chocolate-Point (Belgium - 2/28/2009)

Grand European Champion Ermes van Irma la Poes (Father

Chocolate-Point (Netherlands - 07/17/2009)

Sire: CH INT. Shakandah Sharmani - Dam: Angel Rebecca van Irma la Poes

UNITED in  France: December 2011

Finally home in san Diego on January 9, 2012.


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