What is a BIRMANESE?

In order to test the Birman history, we have produced one litter of Birmanese. A Birmanese is a kitten from a pure Birman line + a pure Balinese (old Type = Apple head/Thai with long hair as we called them today) line. They get the best of the two breeds that are historically, genetically related and close cousins.

What are the advantage of a Birmanese? 

For more than 50 years (beginning with the creation of the Birman in France (circa 1923) the first Birman breeders used on one side a siamese line with long hair (old type siamese with long hair = Balinese) and a Persan line on the other to create new individuals and new colors (like the Blue-Point -chocolate-point and Lilac-point). In the 1980s with the creation of the new colors (red, tabby, silver lines) the new experimental breeders changed completely the protocol (to go faster and for money reason = it takes twice more time and cats to work with two different lines mixed) and did not respect the work of the founding breeders. They only used Persan lines (and Persan Chinchilla lines for the silver = this is why we have smaller Birmans now too) and consequently, the bIrman has changed his look with some unfortunate effects: we now have modern Birmans that are more on the Persan side with long hair mating issues and health issues coming from this side too (type B blood, and Persan related diseases that we never heard before). The Birmanese is more a return to the original Birman with his famous silky hair that does not mate like in a Persan or a Ragdoll, for instance. Birmanese look like more ancient Birmans, without the white gloves (but they do carry the white glove genetically, but it is not visible). You can check my website to learn more about the creation of the different colors in Birman lines.

On the personality side, a Birmanese is more glued to his/her human companion and smarter than classic Birmans. They are also stronger individuals as a new type A blood is introduced in the pool gene.

I have been breeding Brimans for 25 years in Europe first and I am sad to see the change in the breed because of show interest, judges favoring Persan type and not for the best of the breed.  While I am still breeding modern Birmans, people who see the Birmanese and have one are amazed about these little furr ball and their incredibly sweet, human oriented personality. 

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